Systems Engineering

  • Architecture, design, development, deployment, operations and maintenance of systems for the Intelligence Community
  • Requirements analysis
  • System design
  • System procurement
  • System development
  • System Integration
  • System documentation

Network Engineering

  • Provide basic and advanced network and computing infrastructure solutions to our customers
  • Securing and managing bandwidth
  • Creating and managing network design documentation
  • WAN/LAN architecture and implementation
  • DNS, DHCP, e-mail and backup solutions
  • Storage area networks (SAN)

Providing Cloud IT Solutions
Northwood Global Solutions realize the dependence on information systems and security will affect each organization if different ways. Engineering and customizing IT requirements will Enhance the way customers do business. Systems Engineering, Software/Systems Integration, Network Engineering and/or Software Development – Northwood Global Solutions can provide the SME expertise to manage technology and project risk to get the job done right.

Innovative and Practical Technology Solutions
The IT specialists from Northwood Global Solutions know that innovation drives business, and understand the complexities that are part of large-scale IT environments. They use this knowledge to help you develop and implement new processes, improve existing ones and create solutions that will have an immediate impact on your organization’s success.

Software/Systems Integration

  • Application deployment and integration
  • Installation and customization of complex COTS and GOTS applications
  • Custom scripting and development
  • Software evaluation
  • Requirements analysis
  • COTS application evaluation and analysis against your requirements
  • System Analysis
  • Requirements analysis
  • Evaluation of COTS systems/appliances for proper fit to customer need

Software Development

  • Providing augmentation to larger efforts or teams as well as providing entire team on one project
  • Embedded software
  • Requirements analysis
  • C, C++, PHP, server-side web development, ruby on rails, java, shell scripting, lotus notes
  • Development, troubleshooting, code reviews